Kids save marriages.

My husband of almost 5 years and boyfie of almost 11. Many fights and laughter has been made throughout the years. Some days I feel like I’m the luckiest women on earth, and on some days after the 4th burp my husband make, I feel like stuffing a sock in his mouth. Seriously, is that [...]

2020. My year.

Who went in 2020 and was adamant to make it their year? To finally turn the odds around you; by hook and by crook you were gonna win it and said 2020 IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR! I know I was. I was full of hopes. I was gonna be kurus again, was going [...]


I’m sitting for an interview, 2 people I have met from the previous interview and another 2 that I think is in house. I’m not sure, 1 looks familiar and I can’t tell where the other one is from. Lol. Can you tell I’m nervous? I’m more rambling than I am composing a proper statement. [...]