Aunt Friggin Flo.

That time when you suddenly have those back pains and stomach cramps and sharp pain on your right thighs – okay I don’t know if everyone get those but I certainly do and its darn painful.

I had one of those moments today at the office, and no sitting position could make me feel better. And suddenly I started having cravings for chocolate, obviously my colleagues didn’t have any (useless colleagues) so I just started eating whatever that was there but that didn’t make me feel better. I just felt angry because I honestly wasn’t hungry and scared of binge eating since that makes my love handles get bigger. I felt like crying! Damn hormones!

So at times like this, I put out my phone and start messaging the Hubster – just coz he makes me feel better; I very the manja one; I started complaining about my pains and how I just wanted to go home and he was sincerely asking if I could still tahan then he said “Kesian my bini”. Aww, cair hati kejap. But after a second I couldn’t help but think THIS IS JUST PERIOD CRAMPS BELUM LAGI BERANAK. I freaked a little thinking about it.

This was literally me at the office. Yup. Pretty much.

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