Monkey for the Day.

Fruit and vegetables

To welcome the month of love, Sabah Tourism had this Fruitarian challenge. It started out from one of their topics of #Sabahchats. They met with this couple that only eats fruits and drink coconut water; and thought hey – lets make our followers take up this challenge! So we did. A few of us started our day all pumped up. I on the other hand had honestly forgotten about this challenge until I was reminded by a blast of tweets.

So I started my day as usual, with my juice. So that was probably a cheat but in my defense it was still fruits k! I drank my juice, ate a banana. By 10ish I had a pear, and I was FULL. I was thinking to myself I can definitely DO THIS. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-02 at 10.58.22 AM

Lunch yesterday was extra special ‘coz I ngedate with my husband. I had a pear in the car on the way to imago – and even that he wanted to have some k. Sudahlah starving, wanted to eat my lunch lagi. Nasib cinta. When we got there, I was a bit conscious because I was holding my purse AND banana around. Malu lah juga like what would people think of me? But I extra confident and was all – I’m on a fruitarian challenge k. I think some people got the vibe.

Not only I had to just sit and watch my husband eat NASI and AYAM (my 2 favourites), I had a phone call from my colleague to tapau them KFC! For some reason the universe really wanted to test my limits and see if I caved in. Off I went, lined up, ordered KFC while smelling that oh so greasy but good KFC smell. You know what I’m talking about. The thing is, I didn’t feel THAT TEMPTED. I was like fo shooo I can do this fruitarian challenge. Sap sap soi.

But by the time it was 5, I was like. HOMAIGAD. Ineedfood. Whydididothis. Mytummyhurts. Whyisithurtingsomuch. I quickly Whataspped Mazir and told him how I felt, basically asking for approval to cave in. Well- it couldn’t seem like I gave up. I needed someone to TELL ME to cave in.

I finished work; I went back home and DEMANDED for rice. I ended my day with some sushi rice and egg. World peace 🙂

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