I was on MC yesterday because I was down with the flu and some headache when my phone suddenly was bursting with notifications. Half awake I peeked at my phone, my group from my colleagues (the secret one that only has your favourite people in it) were blasting my phone.

I scrolled down the notification bar just to see what the gist was. Suddenly my flu  and headache worsen. What in the world..

“Can’t order food anymore wth”

“I don’t get this email.”

“Its just McD”

“Tidak kena bagi fries, tulah jealous”

“He got the wrong information. Bukan delivery McD pun”

“Ah memang nie beliau. Ndak ngam information pun cakap saja”

Couldn’t tahan hati to know more in details, I opened the group chat. WHAT’S GOING ON GUYSSS?

The story we were told: Someone ordered McDonalds and the delivery guy upon delivering assaulted one of our guests and took her handbag.

How sure were they that not a guest themselves ordered the McD? Were there any charges taken? Same thoughts I’m having.. No answers though. 

No Ordering Food

And within a few hours later we got an email from our HR.


One of the conditions mutually agreed between associates and the Company as per the Letter of Appointment is for associates to have their meals at the Staff Cafeteria, workplace based either Bay Café (TMS) or Pacific Café (TPS).

The first sentence of the email is already wrong and manipulating. The contract states that we have a cafeteria and meals would be provided. Not that we HAVE TO HAVE our meals and NOT HAVE A CHOICE to go out to get food when we want to. Also how can they be so conniving like that. “Mutually agreed”. Apparently there was an underline meaning all these while?

The Management wish to reiterate that staff meals are provided in-house for the convenient of associates without having to bring or order outside foods.

Second line, have they not thought of people with gluten free intolerance people like me that requires to bring their own food from home? Have they not thought of people that can’t eat beef and seafood because sometimes their menu is just beef, prawns and cabbage and they expect people to just eat cabbage?

This is also to avoid associates from going out during their short meal break which is paid by company as well as the cost of meals itself.

Umm.. You mean our lunch break is part of our pay? I never knew that companies pay for that 1 hour lunch break we deserve.

The company strive with great concert on associates’ welfare, however, it was noted a few associates have been making delivery order from external party.

You mean concern? Yeah okay you probably were thinking of that Korean concert in KL going on next month.

This has raised concern on hygiene issues and of recent major “safety” issue towards our guest safety for inviting unknown characters into our premise.

Because our Cafeteria has A cleanliness from the Food Hygiene Regulations right? Again- how bout those guests that are ordering for themselves?

Therefore, the Management wish to express its disappointment for this unnecessary negligence which directly disregard the safety and health of hotel employees and guests.  With immediate effect, ordering delivery food is strictly prohibited (KFC, McD, independent vendor etc…) and any associates found to disobey this directive will find him/her facing serious disciplinary action.

In reference to company’s letter of appointment, health and safety policy and this directive, the excuse of claiming ignorance is not acceptable.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.

So does this mean if my husband were to sends me food I’ll be facing ‘serious disciplinary action’?

This is what happens when you work for a company that makes new rules as they go by, claiming their best interest is for the welfare of the staffs. Sigh.

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