I’m Pregnant!

Well – I have been for quite some time now. It’s not exactly what you would call new news. I’ll be turning 34 weeks this Friday!! Cray cray man. In a few more weeks I’ll have a little human being in my arms, making my nips bleed all day long. It feels like I just found out I was pregnant yesterday but also at the same time it feels like I’ve been pregnant for years! Hahah. Does that make any sense?

As the weeks get closer to the due date, I can’t help but feel ecstatically excited for this new chapter in my life but at the same time feel crazy sh*t scared. I’m so filled with emotions I think I could burst! Am I ready for this? Would I make a great parent? Am I financially stable enough to have a baby? How would this new baby affect me and my husband? Would we still be as loving as a couple? Would he pay attention to me as much? Would I give him the same treatment? So many questions playing around in my head, I’m not sure if its normal”.

Are first time parents usually like this? Or is it just me? Probably just me ‘coz I’m drama like that.  But in all honesty I’m already counting the days, I really can’t wait until this lil bub comes out and I can start my maternity leave. In the meantime stay safe inside Sayang, may Allah protect you until the day you make your way to Earth.

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