Eczema Eczema Go Away

I have my good days and I have my bad days. It’s not very consistent because I am not consistent with the way I am dealing with my skin. I still do juicing but at this point juicing alone won’t bring down all the inflammation I have. I have to jaga my food intake too.

Why can’t I be consistent? Because I just love food too much that at that exact moment when I have to choose between Brown Sugar Iced Latte to go with my Tom Yam Ikan Goreng and my skin, I chose the damn brown sugar iced latte.

Argh so good!

Anyway, back to my skin..

Going on my kambing life this time around is much harder compared to the last time I did it. That time I didn’t have Naia so all the time I had was focused on myself. Now.. by the time I put Naia to sleep this Mama feels like she needs bedtime too!

Once she goes to bed, I’ll go down to the kitchen, look in the fridge and think of what to prep for her meal the next day. Photo + video taking for the gram, + meal prep + steaming + blending + wash pump parts + wash dishes from the day = takes me at least 1 1/2 hours. Argh just thinking about it tonight makes me tired already.

After allll that, THEN I can prep for my own food. Sigh. Most of the time I’ll be prepping the same ingredients that I used in Naia’s food so I don’t have to think. When its 12.30am you don’t really wanna think, all you wanna do is lie down and close your eyes. And even this I can’t do everyday!

This is part of my kambing life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-06 at 5.44.46 PM

And again, kambing life has nothing to do with actually eating lamb all day errdayy. I honestly wish this was the case though. I wouldn’t mind eating lamb all day and for it to heal my skin. I just call it kambing because all they eat is grass. 

The next morning the hubs will cook whatever I’ve prepped. But I can only do this for lunch. When it comes to dinner, all we do is have this conversation:

“Mana mau makan”.

“You lah choose. I mana-mana saja”.

And the days repeats itself. But the thing is it’s really not helping my skin. And I know that.

My left hands.

My right hands

And my leg.

Now the leg wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t had kopek it right before I took this pic. There are just times that it’s soooo gatal I have to scratch eventhough I know I’ll be making it worst.

I know it looks bad, but honestly I’ve had worst inflammation than this. What makes it look bad is actually the marks. Argh I hate the marks.

Update – 3am

Woke up to feed Naia and felt sore. I know that feeling. It means I scratched myself again.

Fml. At this time I regret ordering the fish ball from Fatt Kee. I gain weight and don’t lose the inflammation. The only thing I benefit from all this is to tell you guys it is sedap, go order.

Living an eczema life is so tiring. I hope tomorrow is going to be a better day.

(But in all seriousness, order the Fatt Kee fishball. Sedap. 5pcs for RM10 though. But sedap)

I hope I’m going to be more discipline with myself tomorrow. Now I know how my diabetic mother feels like when I tell her no durian for her. 😦

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