Naia Adrianna

Mazir called me just now complaining about Naia only drinking 4oz up till just now (4.30pm), not sure what’s going on. She’s eating the same amount so no she’s not too full.

I glanced at my calendar while mentally calculating the days until gaji and realized that its the 12th tomorrow. Naia is turning 9 months! Whatttt?! Time flies so fast its cray cray! If I was pregnant in January I’d beranak already by now! Hahah.

Naia has this thing that we realized since she turned 4 months that she’ll get sick around the time she turns a month older. Yeah no kidding. Adaaaa saja tu. The flu, demam, batuk (sakit membesar orang tua-tua cakap), but this is the first time dia minta puji begini.

Argh, don’t get me started about eating. 🙄


I’m feeling so emotional. My baby is all grown up, next thing I know she will start wanting to wear makeup and we’ll be fighting and she’ll get married and leave her father all heartbroken.

I also realized I have not formerly introduced Naia on my blog. Yeah she’s turning 9 months tomorrow and most of you already know Naia from my Instagram but still.

When I first found out I was very much excited, especially for Mazir. We had a chemical pregnancy before so we were ecstatic but just very weary.

We didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby from the beginning ‘coz we wanted it like dulu-dulu and be surprised and all so throughout that whole 9 months it was just full of guessing!

To be honest, most of us thought it was going to be a boy! Hahah. Mazir and Mum was so convinced that I started believing it too!

And every appointment I would remind my Dr that we do not want to know the sex of the baby, so she wouldn’t accidentally blurt things out like “oh she’s doing great!” or like “oh he’s doing so well!” and would only refer the baby as ‘the baby’.

I ajak-ed Mum to come with us to one of my appointments and coincidentally it was the time that you can check for the baby’s gender.

“You sure you don’t want to know the gender? Can check already.” Dr Felice asked.

“Yes yes I’m sure. We don’t want to know.” I answered firmly.

Dr Felice started scanning.

“Okay. Got it.” Dr Felice said.

“Oh nampak sudah!” Mazir said.

“Okay I know already!” Mum said.

As she scanned Mum and Mazir saw what they thought was ‘balls’. *rolls eye*

“You guys are not Dr’s.” I said. Honestly I saw it too but I was smart enough to know that I don’t know how to look at scans.

“No lah cannot see, I tengok sekejap saja”. Dr Felice assured that us noobs wouldn’t know how to look at scans.

She then switch to 3D to capture the baby’s face. She was so round and had pursed lips. Had her hands near her head.

“Tinggi pula his nose.” I said. (Yes Naia had sharp noes. HAD. I don’t know why its penyet now)

“How do you know its a He?” Dr Felice asked.

I laughed. “I dunno, a hunch?” I answered.

(But I didn’t really mean it as He=Boy, I was using ‘He’ as a person that you don’t know the gender of, you know like in essays?)

Dr Felice just smiled. And that was that. We went on thinking we were probably having a boy. We were 85% sure that we were having a boy and 15% thinking its a girl just because I kononya rajin di dapur and suka bersolek and the fact that its just not certain. 

I just remember telling Mazir that if it turns out to be a girl then kemungkinan besar she’ll be ganas because we keep thinking she’s a boy. Matilah sis.

So at 9.23am on the 12th December, I looked at Mazir and asked “What’s our baby?”, “Its a girl” he replied back. For a second I thought he was kidding and trying to be sarcastic, then Dr Lim (Yes. I went to 2 gynae, I’ll explain that later) showed me my baby; “Its a girl!” he said while showing me her bum bum.

A girl. Huh. I thought it was a boy. Yes that was my first reaction. Haha. Then they brought her up to me, I still remember how good she smelt.

My precious baby girl was born on the 12th December 2018, 9.23am weighing 3.4kg 48cm.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-11 at 3.12.25 PM (1)
Naia Adrianna

Was it hard finding a name not knowing the sex? No not at all. We set a name one for a boy and one for a girl.

I’ve been wanting the name Naia ever since I was 10! It’s from this Indonesian series, Ikhlas starring Tamara Bleszynski and I was obsessed with it. Hence the note below. And to use it on my first child. Allah is so great ❤

Post it.

But I’m honestly glad that I didn’t find out the sex of the baby, Naia will have so many clothes as a newborn! I remember going to Mothercare and looking at all the baby girls clothes and hoping I’ll get a girl just coz everything is so darn cute! And now its a problem I face because Carter’s keeps having good sale. 

My baby girl is getting bigger, Alhamdulillah. I wish I could just freeze time and cherish the moment until you puas hati. You know, like in Sims.

Some of Naia’s photos from her first 3 weeks of life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll also be even more busy because starting tomorrow she’ll be having different things for both lunch and dinner! Yipeeeeee! So much fun for meeee. (Im gonna dieee..)

Wish me luck.



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