I’m sitting for an interview, 2 people I have met from the previous interview and another 2 that I think is in house. I’m not sure, 1 looks familiar and I can’t tell where the other one is from. Lol.

Can you tell I’m nervous? I’m more rambling than I am composing a proper statement. But I’m writing now because I want to remember this moment. People have been telling me to be confident and act as if I already own the job. And I’m trying, I’m dead trying but I can’t help but feel how disappointed I would be if I don’t get it. And that. That kills me.

I should probably be preparing for the interview, thinking what I should be saying, how I should be presenting myself, but the more I think about it the more nerve-wracking it is for me, so I decide to write about it to take my mind of it.

How does 1 present themselves? How do you show that you’re the best at what you do? I think that’s my weakness. I’m thinking of scenarios and all I feel is this nerves.

The other 2 has a friggin folder. And I’m here with a few piece of paper. How do I compete with that? Does that show how unprepared I am? Damn it Fai. Why didn’t I think of that? All I feel like doing now is to go bind my articles 😂

Breathe Fai breathe.

Damn it. I normally don’t wish anything bad to people but I really hope they suck. More than me at least.

UPDATE: First guy went in and I think he’s killing it, they’re all laughing! I just hope they’re actually laughing at him. Okay that was a lil bit mean, but nerves are kicking in more that they’re all laughing!! That means they like him right? Dammit. I hate this.

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