Typical Faizir fights

So.. it started like how any ordinary fight would start. I asked him if he was coming home on time that day so we could go for dinner since the anak was so bertebiat she hardly ate anything for lunch and tea time. He said yeah he’ll come home on time. He was supposed to be out at 6.30pm and I told him to call me the minute he’s out so I can get ready but then.. 6.45pm came and no call. 6.55pm came and still no call. I quickly texted. “What time you coming home nie?”, received a call and said he just left the shop. Baiklah.

Kesalahan no 1. Lambat balik.

It didn’t help that for some reason sitting outside the living room (did you see my recent story on Ig? We know the reason now) made my eyes itchy and swell up sampai got like jelly-jelly inside, made me even more cranky waiting for the hubs to get back home. He got home, pusing-pusing buat barang and by the time he got ready it was already 7.22pm. Great. The place I wanna eat is gonna close in 8 minutes.

Kesalahan no 2. Not being able to eat at Stella’s coz he’s late.

By this time I was borderline mad. Hungry and can’t eat at the place I wanna go. Perrfect. So we got into the car and he was thinking of where to go. I obviously did not want to partake in the decision making coz I was already hangry so I let him decide while I sat in silence. Thennn, the little missy fell asleep. Haih. The whole point of leaving the house was so we could get her to eat something she really likes but since we got out late she ended up sleeping when she got inside the car.

Kesalahan no 3. So lambat until the anak fell asleep not being able to eat first.

Now if you’re reading and thinking that kesalahan no 3 has nothing to do with him coz the anak was just tired so she fell asleep that’s where you’re wrong. It has everything to do with him. If he had got home earlier, then we were able to leave earlier, hence she would sempat makan before tertidur. Also the ball has already started to roll since the first kesalahan so everything else is just domino effect and it’s all his fault kay.

He decided to pusing-pusing and kill time before we went to eat so the little missy can nap for a while. The hubs tried to make small conversation with me but the silent treatment was the only way to go. He then kept quite too. And this, THIS of not asking and going along with it too pisses me off even more.

Kesalahan no 4. Not trying to resolve the issue and buat bodoh.

So I’m the type that all you need to ask me is what’s wrong. I won’t be telling you nothing, and waiting for you to say “nolah kasitau lah”. No. I don’t need that whole pujuk-pujuk tell me what’s wrong. You ask me what’s wrong and I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Butttt, if you knowwww something is wrong but youuuu pretend to brush things off, sweep things under the carpet, I get even more pissed. And thing is, he knows this. The hubs and I have been together for almost 9 years. 214 months together, just another 2 months short of our 9th anniversary. Tis not the first timeeee, surelllyyy you would know by then now right? But nooo.. hubs still decided to try and make small talk and continue to drive to the destination.

Kesalahan no 5, sudah berapa lama bersama masih lagi ndak tau perangai.

We reached Pound and by that time I had no mood to eat at all. It also didn’t help that little missy was bertebiat she didn’t want to sit and eat and kept wanting to go outside. Well it sorta did because I didn’t have to sit with a sulky face not talking, but we left soon after. During the whole ride the hubs then said “I didn’t know there was something wrong with you, I thought you didn’t wanna speak because of your eyes”.

Kesalahan no 6, ignorance.

Nahhh siss. Berdesing telingaku. Totally did an Ally McBeal on my hubs and hit his head on the steering wheel. We got home and the hubs then tried to pujuk. But after 3 hours of silent treatment and him thinking it was my eyes, I had no more space for makan pujukan. Of course somewhere in between the silence I was thinking if maybe I was hungry and in fact just cranky, but that was a whole other story. It’s those types of fight you need to win.

He of course tried pujuk-ing some more and I ended up bursting and telling him all the 6 kesalahan stayed above. By this time you might think I’m so the mengada-gada but you know it’s those fights you have that you know you’re right and the problem is actually the guy because all he needed to do was to solve it in the first place instead of making it melarat. Yeah so I’m right kay.

I was in no mood in making up that night and was so tired by all the emotions I ended up sleeping without him. Which I hate doing most of the time but it’s one of those times you feel after a fight and you can do without him.

In the morning he cuddled up with me (if you ask him he said I cuddled up to him at night. Whichever lah) and said sorry to which of course a girl has to protest in the beginning. We made up while having Naia in the background going “No sacau (kacau) Mummy Daddy, no sacauuuu”.

To sum this up, as a couple you will still have fights that are just nothing, and you might be with that person for sometime but still fight about the same old things. I don’t think there is any recipe to an everlasting relationship. But I do believe in this, and it’s something my mum shared a whollleee long time ago years before I got married.

A relationship is an empty box. It’s what you put inside the box that makes the relationship.

The relationship recipe

Also, just never have the girl hungry. Coz she just turns hannngrryyy.

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