Mazir's birthday was on the 26th April, and I really wanted to write a sweet long message for him. Saved here, so he and I both can reread it anytime and also he can read it whenever he thinks I'm annoying to him 😛 But that didn't happen, so I said nevermind I'll write one [...]

I’m Pregnant!

Well - I have been for quite some time now. It's not exactly what you would call new news. I'll be turning 34 weeks this Friday!! Cray cray man. In a few more weeks I'll have a little human being in my arms, making my nips bleed all day long. It feels like I just [...]


I was on MC yesterday because I was down with the flu and some headache when my phone suddenly was bursting with notifications. Half awake I peeked at my phone, my group from my colleagues (the secret one that only has your favourite people in it) were blasting my phone. I scrolled down the notification [...]

Still Alive!

After much hiatus, I finally logged into my account again. Why I haven't been blogging? Same reason why you're still delaying to reply that no so important email and haven't done your laundry. I'm such a procrastinator on things, I swear it annoys even myself sometimes. Well I'm determined to make my blog ALIVE and UPDATED. So [...]