Mum Guilt

I’m making Naia’s last meal for 2019 and the mum guilt is just sinking deeper and deeper by the second. I wash the rice it goes down 1 ft deeper, I thaw the chicken 2 ft deeper. Argh I hate this mum guilt, do you get those days that the mum guilt is so bad [...]

You are not ALONE.

This post has been in my draft so long I wasn't sure if it would see daylight 😂. I've been writing this ever since I came back from my friend's son aqiqah; when she posted a heart felt message just because I asked her how she was. I've been working on this ever since, I'll [...]

Silver Boobs

Silver boobs with golden nipples. That's me. I am proud to say that I achieved 9 months of fully breastfeeding Naia without supplementing; except her first 5 days of life because this Mama's milk came out late. Disclaimer: I just want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with giving your baby formula. [...]

Naia Adrianna

Mazir called me just now complaining about Naia only drinking 4oz up till just now (4.30pm), not sure what's going on. She's eating the same amount so no she's not too full. I glanced at my calendar while mentally calculating the days until gaji and realized that its the 12th tomorrow. Naia is turning 9 [...]